I just wanted to inform you, that we released the final version of FlashQ 1.0, an user friendly and flexible application for performing Q-sorts online. Please visit our website http://www.hackert.biz/flashq for more information about our tool or test our demo at http://www.hackert.biz/flashq/demo. Feedback, comments and improvement suggestions are highly welcome! Best regards from Germany Christian (Hackert)

3 thoughts on “FlashQ – new application for performing Q-sorts online released

  1. Dear Christian (or whoever else might read this),

    I dropped you a message on your Flash Q site but I thought of putting up my question here as well in case anyone who reads this can help me out.

    I am new to the Q-Method, and know very little about computers and computing.

    May I ask a very basic question? I want to create a web server for the online Flash Q (because my participants use gmail, so I cannot use the offline version).

    And I am presented with these options but I do not know what values are sufficient for a Q study of about 25 participants and about 50 statements in my Q set:

    Server Build Specification
    1. Single CPU, 1GB RAM and 60GB Hard Drive Space

    Single CPU, 2GB RAM and 60GB Hard Drive Space
    Dual CPU, 4GB RAM and 60GB Hard Drive Space

    May I ask, which specification should I choose? My instincts tell me to pick the most powerful one, number 3, but would it be an overkill? Or is it still not sufficient?

    Thank you for your help!


    1. I am not an expert on Flash Q, but I’d think that since this is basically just a very simple PHP application, the smaller server will do just fine.
      I’d also recommend you look into aproxima’s re-implementation of FlashQ in HTML5, which is a more modern and lightweight standard: https://github.com/aproxima/htmlq

      Works with the same PHP backend, AFAIK.

      If you have funds available, aproxima (no affiliation) also offers commercial support: http://www.aproxima.de

      Website is in english, but I’m sure they speak english.

    2. Dear Max, thank you so much for introducing me to aproxima’s re-implementation of FlashQ in HTML5, and giving me another option to consider. I will explore this alternative and ask my friend more about it.

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