Yet another book on Q methodology has recently been published:

Kim, Soon Eun (2007, November). Q methodology and social sciences [in Korean]. Busan, Korea: Goldwell Publishing, Inc. 246 pp., ISBN 978-89-86305-65-4, 20,000 won (approx. $20 USD).

Part 1: Theory and Practice

Ch1: Theoretical Discussions Related to Q Methodology Ch2: Theoretical Background of Q Methodology Ch3: Procedures of Q Methodology Ch4: Statistical Principles of Q Methodology Ch5: Interpretation of Q Results Ch6: Case Study: Perceptions of Q Methodology Ch7: Samples of Q Studies Ch8: Bibliographies of Q Methodology Made by Professor Brown

Part 2: PQM Manual (translation of PQM manual with the permission of Professor Schmolck)

Soon Eun Kim <>is Dean of External Cooperation, Dong-eui University, Busan, Korea. His book joins the following four other non-English books that have recently appeared and that are soon to be jointly reviewed in Operant Subjectivity:

Dragos Iliescu, Metodologia Q [Romanian] (Bucharest:, 2005).

Ali-Reza Khoshgooyanfard, Q-methodology [Persian] (Tehran: Research Center of IRIB [Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting], 2008).

Hung Kyu Kim, Q methodology: Philosophy of science, theories, analysis, and application [Korean] (Seoul: CommunicationBooks, Inc., 2008).

Sasitorn Suwannathep and Kanikar Sookasame, Variety of innovative research methods: Q methodology: A scientific study of subjectivity (concepts, theory and application) [Thai] (Bangkok: Samlada Publishing, 2007).

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