Gauttier, Stéphanie, Claire Gauzente, & Maiju Aikala (2016). Are AR shopping services valued the same way throughout Europe? A four-country Q-investigation. Systèmes d’information & management, 21(1), 69-102.

Abstract: Augmented reality [AR] creates new affordances for shopping-related interactions because it allows consumers to experience a product within the context of their choice and in a customized way before making a purchasing decision. There is a need to evaluate the potential of this technology and its features in order to integrate it strategically into e- and m-commerce activities. Given that technologies are now developing on a global scale, research should take a multiple country approach. The present study provides qualitative cross-country insights into four European nations and provides guidelines on how to conduct Q-investigations within comparative settings. The results suggest that both divergence and convergence phenomena occur calling for a differentiated approach to target users and to the development of applications.

Stéphanie Gauttier <gautties> is in the Department of Economics and Management, University of Nantes, France; and a Marie Curie Fellow in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

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