Moate, Randall M., Jessica M. Holm, & Erin M. West (2017). Perceived helpfulness of teachers in clinical courses. The Professional Counselor, 7(2), 155-168. (doi:10.15241/rmm.7.2.155) (Accessible:

Abstract: Clinical courses are important in the development of students pursuing a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling (CMHC). Despite the importance of clinical courses, little is known about what CMHC students perceive as being helpful about their teachers of clinical courses. To investigate this, we sought the viewpoints of beginning counselors who were in their first four years of working as licensed counselors post-graduation. Thirty-two beginning-level counselors completed a Q sort that assessed the perceived helpfulness of their teachers of clinical courses in their CMHC master’s degree program. Three different learning preferences—application-oriented learners, intrinsically motivated learners, and affective-oriented learners—were observed among participants in the study.

Randall M Moate <rmoate> is in the Department of Psychology & Counseling, University of Texas at Tyler, TX, USA.

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