Hughes, Martin (2017). Joining the Q: What Q methodology offers to a critical educational psychology. In Antony J. Williams, Tom Billington, Dan Goodley, & Tim Corcoran

(Eds.), Critical educational psychology (pp. 118-126, Chap. 11). Chichester, UK: Wiley.

Abstract: In this chapter, I shall briefly explain what Q is, why I think Q is an ethical methodology, good at hearing marginalised voices, before concluding by considering how Q contributes to a critical educational psychology. As this chapter seeks to present some of the strengths of Q and ways in which my interpretation of it has influenced my attempts at a more critically inclined practice, I shall start with a brief introduction of what has been described as ‘perhaps the ultimate mixed method’ (The Psychologist, 2008, p. 481).

Martin Hughes <> is Professional Director, Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology, School of Education, University of Sheffield, UK.

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