Brown, Reuben L. (2017). Small business owners views and perceptions of human resource management practices: A Q methodology study. Doctoral dissertation (Business Administration), University of Phoenix.

Abstract: Small business owners must retain human resource management knowledge to professionally develop human capital. Contributing to a more competitive business culture, small business owners encounter challenges in continuing to develop human capital. Q methodology was applied to explore the views and perceptions of 36 small business owners about human resource management practices to address the gap in the literature. The appropriate research design for the study was Q methodology; it made available an opportunity to combine qualitative (subjectivity) and quantitative (validity) methodology. Identified in the results were four factors that represented the owners’ perspectives of leadership styles and human resource management practices. Indicated by the results there is a lack of human resource management knowledge used in small businesses. This study is significant to leadership as it confirms the need or desire for business owners to develop human capital for improved corporate performance that provides competitive advantages in the marketplace.