Liston, Vanessa (2016, April). A case for a deliberative link in the representation process: From congruence to resonance. Representation, 52(4), 325-339. (

Abstract:This paper proposes a deliberative link in the representation cycle. The deliberative link supports the articulation of social discourses; preferences transformation and the expression of citizens’ judgemental agency. To outline the case, I begin by examining the limitations of congruence theory as a framework for conceptualising the representative system. I then argue for a deliberative link based on the concept of discursive representation put forward by John Dryzek and Simon Niemeyer. Such a link requires advances beyond ‘congruence’ for measuring responsiveness. I suggest that future research explore ‘resonance’ in Dryzek’s terms.

Vanessa Liston <listonv> is in the Office of Civic Engagement, Dublin City University and co-founder and director of, a start-up focusing on new ways to structure and visualise public opinion.

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