Moree, Wim (2017, August). Q-methodology explained by comparing Q-sort survey with conventional R-sample survey and relating factor analysis described. Civil Engineering Research Journal, 1(2), 1-5. (Accessible:

Abstract: By applying Q-methodology, subjective opinions and reflections, measured by means of Q-sort survey can systematically be analyzed. This contrary to the use of conventional R-sample survey which is not suitable for measuring subjective opinions and reflections. With the factor analysis method, patterns in the correlation between the measured multiple variables of Q-sort survey can be determined from which distinct patterns of perspectives or opinions can be constructed and across these perspectives shared beliefs can be identified. This article is intended to concisely describe the difference between the use of the conventional R-sample survey and Q-sort survey on the basis of a single variable example and to describe the meaning of factor analysis, loading factor, factor rotation and varimax rotation, as well as factor scores and factor weights as elements of the factor analysis technique.

Wim Moree <> is affiliated with Technische Universiteit Delft and with Counsel Contract & Project Support at VINCI Energies Netherlands, Attorney at law at Corporate Legal Support, Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands.

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