Gerosideris, Charis (2016). Climate change as a security issue in the case of Greece and Q-methodology. Under Construction @ Keele, 3(1), 31-43. (Open access:

Abstract: This paper highlights significant climate change issues in a vulnerable country such as Greece via security perspectives from the country’s worst wildfires activities of August 2007 until today. It then briefly analyses obvious climate change-related issues through the lens of national security and it presents particular connections between environmental security, energy security, national security, human security, etc. with Greek water, sea and air pollutions as well as wildfires. Main consideration is given to the absence of approaching climate change as a security threat in Greece not only at an institutional (state) level, but at an academic and public level too. The paper critically examines the nonexistence of national climate change-policy and energy security-policy, the Greek failure of addressing security and any threat out of the orthodox and traditional epexegesis of security studies and suggests a new approach of explaining climate change as a security issue in the case of Greece through the application of Q-Methodology, which is a unique and sophisticated methodology for security studies.

Charis Gerosideris <c.gerosideris> is in the School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire, UK.

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