Stergiou, Dimitrios P., Eirini Pehlivanidou, & David Airey (2018). A Q-study of organisers’ perspectives on factors of festival success in Crete. In Allan Jepson & Alan Clarke (Eds), Power, construction and meaning in festivals (pp. 5-19, Chap. 2). Oxon, UK: Routledge. (Volume information:

Abstract: Regional events play an important role in the Cretan tourism product with many communities hosting regional festivals. From a managerial perspective, these festivals provide a range of entertainment and activities and there are many factors that determine their success. In this context, this study used Q-methodology to uncover festival success factors based on the subjective perceptions of festival organisers in Crete and identify clusters of participants sharing common viewpoints. The Q-analysis identified two factors representing different perspectives of festival organizer opinion about success factors in the Cretan festival market: a Communitarian/Person-oriented focus, and a Pragmatic/Traditional Management focus.

Dimitrios P Stergiou <> is in the School of Social Sciences, Hellenic Open University, Patras, Greece. David Airey is in the School of Management, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK.

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