Kim, Yelim (2017, December). Perception of visitors on traditional marketplaces becoming tourist attractions and supporting policies––Focused on Tongin Market, Seoul. Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture, 45(6), 76-89. [Korean] (

Abstract: Tourism is being used as a tool to regenerate declining spaces. Therefore, the government is carrying out various projects to create tourist attractions to revitalize the traditional marketplace, which is declining nationwide. Because of these government-led projects, traditional marketplaces have been transformed into tourist attractions, and some markets have received enough positive feedback that they have been successfully revitalized economically. However, as marketplaces have become tourist destinations, negative views about government support projects are also increasing. This also leads to conflicts due to differences in perception and interests of stakeholders. This paper examines the process of the marketplace becoming a tourist destination focused on the Tongin Market, in Seoul, which has been regenerated as a tourist attraction through a government support project. The purpose of this study is, first, to examine the background of tourist markets becoming tourist attractions and the issues surrounding them. The second was to explore in depth the types of conflict perceptions of visitors, residents and tourists, and the perception of their responses. As a research method, the process of the revitalization of traditional markets through news and existing literature, issues and the difference of perceptions about tourist-centric traditional marketplaces were examined. In addition, the Q methodology was used, which is a qualitative research methodology that can measure the difference of viewpoints and perceptions of specific events in order to analyze the difference of perception among visitors in traditional marketplaces. The results of the study show that there are three main perspectives of difference among visitors’ perceptions about government support projects in traditional marketplaces and the marketplace becoming a tourist attraction. The ‘policy dependent perspective’ emphasizes the necessity of government regulations, a ‘critical perspective’ criticizes the government’s traditional marketplace support policy, and the ‘neutral perspective’ acknowledges the need for government-led projects and accentuating the internal competitiveness of the marketplace. The study provided the environment for academic discussion about traditional marketplaces, which are becoming tourist attractions nationwide. In addition, this paper can contribute to providing implications for future government projects by analyzing the perception of marketplace visitors.

Yelim Kim <> is in the Interdisciplinary Program in Landscape Architecture, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.