Bartlett, James E., II, & Brad DeWeese (2015). Using the Q methodology approach in human resource development research. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 17(1), 72-87.

Abstract: The Problem: To better understand Human Resource Development (HRD), it is critical to understand human behavior and perspectives on subjective topics. Q methodology provides a view of subjectivity from the point of view that is self-referenced. The Solution: This article provides a description of a method to identify similarities and differences in the subjective perceptions across a sample. This is distinctly different from traditional factor analysis that examines correlation between items. A step-by-step description of Q methodology is included that describes defining the concourse, developing the Q-set, selecting the P-set (sample), Q-sorting (collecting data), as well as analyzing and interpreting the data. The Stakeholders: Both researchers and practitioners will benefit by understanding how to implement and interpret Q methodology in both research and practice to understand human subjectivity. The article can be used as a guide by researchers and practitioners who want to conduct Q methodology in the field of HRD to better understand subjective viewpoints.

James E Bartlett <> is in Leadership, Policy, Adult, and Higher Education, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC (USA).