Antony, Raju (2018). Life satisfaction typologies among Roman Catholic secular clergy: A Q methodological investigation. Doctoral dissertation (Counseling, Psychology, & Special Education), Duquesne University. (Link:

Abstract: Life satisfaction typologies among Roman Catholic secular clergy were studied using a Q methodological design. Using Q-Assessor, a web-based tool for Q methodological studies, 33 priests sorted and ranked 34 predetermined statements about their life satisfaction. By-person factor analysis and varimax rotation extracted three predominant category prototypes – pro-spirituals, professionals, and pro-relationals – representing three different views regarding the life satisfaction of clergy. The findings led to the creation of an explanatory model recognizing a multi-factorial pathway to understanding clergy life satisfaction.

Raju Antony <> is with the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, St. Jude Parish, Glen Dale, WV (USA).

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