Ahmadian, Mojtaba, & Rohollah Eslami (2014, Winter). [Exploring attitudes toward relationship between government and nation in Iran: A Q-methodology study]. Quarterly Journal of the Marco and Strategic Policies, 1(4), 107-133. [Persian]

English Abstract: In an Islamic democracy system, people have an effective role in creating acceptability for government, in order to make it efficient. But according to some different factors, people’s attitude towards their role and its extent in the government changes during the time; that is an effective factor in determining the interaction between nation and government, and thus determining the acceptability and effectiveness of the government. This study aims to examine Iranians’ attitudes about the ways to improve situation and life standards in Iran and to identify the influence of probable factors in their attitudes. For this purpose, Q methodology is used to explore the attitudes and factors in it. This methodology after identifying the existing discourses, chooses attitudes of different people who were polled and then checks them out, and detects and analyzes the mentality of individuals in each group. The result of this study indicates that the type of people’s attitude towards relationship between the nation and the government and consequently their role in making government efficient is a determining factor in their approach towards the national issues and problems and the style of their social and political behaviors as well, thus it clearly shows that how senior managers should pay attention to manage public opinion and modifying public attitudes in this case.

Mojtaba Ahmadian <mojtabi@gmail.com> is in the Department of Management and Rohollah Eslami <eslami.r@ac.au.ir> is in the Department of Political Sciences, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran.

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