Butler-Coyne, Hannah, Douglas Hare, Samantha Walker, Angelika Wieck, & Anja Wittkowski (2017). Acceptability of a positive parenting programme on a mother and baby unit: Q methodology with staff. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26, 623-632.

Abstract: The Baby Triple P Positive Parenting Programme, a new addition to the established Triple P programmes, is currently being considered for a trial in a Mother and Baby Unit with the aim of exploring its benefits to mothers presenting with severe mental illness. The aim of the current study was to investigate staff views of the acceptability and feasibility of a parenting programme such as the Baby Triple P Positive Parenting Programme in a Mother and Baby Unit. Q-methodology, using an 88-item Q-sort, was employed to explore the opinions of 16 staff working in a Mother and Baby Unit in the North West of England. Results obtained from the Q-sort analysis identified two distinct factors: (1) staff qualified acceptance and (2) systemic approach/systemic results. Preliminary findings indicate that staff perceived Baby Triple P to be an acceptable and feasible intervention for the Mother and Baby Unit setting and that mothers on the unit would be open and receptive to the programme. Further research is required to expand these findings and assess the potential for this type of intervention to be used more widely across a number of Mother and Baby Unit settings.

Anja Wittkowski <anja.wittkowski@manchester.ac.uk> is in the School of Health Sciences, Division of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Manchester, and the Department of Clinical Psychology and Mother and Baby Unit, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust, Manchester, England, UK.

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