Gerosideris, Charis (2019, January). Q methodology in establishing the stakeholders’ perceptions of environmental security and energy security in the case of Greece. Sage Research Methods Cases [online]. London: Sage (doi: 10.4135/9781526473707)

Abstract: This case establishes stakeholders’ perceptions of environmental security and energy security through the application of Q methodology in the case of Greece. The case explains in detail the essentiality of including individual viewpoints and opinions of actors in the security field. More precisely, it presents the usefulness of applying Q methodology in the study of climate change as a security issue in a vulnerable country like Greece which represents a range of countries with many interrelated issues such as economic, societal, and political problems. In this case study, Q methodology systematically testifies the traditional and non-traditional security approaches and theories and compares the academic and the public perceptions. This case study highlights the Q methodology research design and difficulties involved with conceiving a methodological pattern of similar security research cases

Charis Gerosideris <c.gerosideris> is in the Department of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations & Environment, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK.