Janíková, Marcela, & Jiří Sliacky (2019). Determinanty expertního výkonu v tělesné výchově pohledem učitelů (Determinants of expert teaching in physical education from the teachers’ point of view). Studia Sportiva, 12(2), 136-146. (in Czech) (Accessible: https://journals.muni.cz/studiasportiva/article/view/9530)

English Abstract: In the paper, we deal with determinants of expert teaching in Physical Education from the expert-teachers’ point of view. Our research study aims at highlighting how expert-teachers perceive the importance of various determinants of expert teaching in Physical Education. The research sample includes five expert-teachers (three female and two male) from schools in Brno they sorted determinants of expert teaching in Physical Education using Q-methodology. It was shown, that the researched teachers perceived following determinants as most important for expert teaching in Physical Education: teachers’ organizational skills, teachers’ improvisational skills, teachers’ experiences, teachers’ skills to motivate pupils, and teachers’ commitment to the teaching profession. Contrary, following determinants was seen as not very important: teachers’ demonstrating of subject matter, the number of pupils, teachers’ “sport-history”, teachers’ subjectively perceived limits and teachers’ using of punishments.

Marcela Janíková <janikova@fsps.muni.cz> is in the Division of Social Sciences for Education, Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.

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