Carvalho, Roberto, Antonio Trigo, João Varajão, Luís Gonzaga Magalhaoes, & Ricardo Colomo Palacios (2017, December). Main CIO’s activities – Evidences from a Delphi survey using Q-sort. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 17(4), 456-476. (doi: 10.1504/IJBIR.2018.096366)

Abstract: Nowadays, most organisations depend on information technologies (IT)/information systems (IS) to run their businesses achieve their goals. Knowing how to manage IT/IS is fundamental because it promotes a better use of resources and an increase in quality and productivity. The head of the IT/IS department is the chief information officer (CIO), who plays a central role, carrying out a diversified set of activities essential for the performance of the IS and, consequently, for the business success. This paper presents a Delphi survey, involving CIOs from large organisations, which were asked to identify the most important activities they perform. The findings reveal that the top activities are interacting with the top management, analyse business problems, identify opportunities, design IS solutions, IS planning, making strategic decisions, optimise business processes, evaluate IS performance and plan its optimisation, manage the IT team, and manage IS development and implementation.

Antonio Trigo <> is in the Instituto de Contabilidade e Administração de Coimbra, Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra, Portugal.