Töpfer, Jochen (2019). The future relationship between religion and politics (in multi-religious societies of Europe): The perspective of religion in Slovenia. Znanost in družbe: Prihodnosti [Science and societies: The future] (Proceedings of the Slovenian Sociological Meeting, Bled, 18-19 October) (pp. 159-162). Ljubljana: Slovensko sociološko društvo [Slovenian Sociological Society].

Abstract: This article summarizes key findings from the study of attitudes among religious leaders in Slovenia towards the structure of politics and society, and how religion relates to these spheres. The aims are to determine types of attitudes and examine the compatibility of these viewpoints with central features of a modern society, which can reveal their potential for fostering societal conflict. The first result is that the types of attitudes generated generally support a modern, pluralist society in various dimensions — political, economic, cultural, and also spiritual. Secondly, differences are mainly located in areas concerning the treatment of the RCC vis-à-vis the state compared to other religious communities, and in the perception of consequences of secular trends among the population. Thirdly, no denominational type can be identified.

Jochen Töpfer <jochen.toepfer@fu-berlin.de> is in the Institute for East European Studies and currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Center for Area Studies, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.