Brown, Wilmon, III (2019, January). Guiding the path: Identified skills for educating the next generation of workers. Journal of Education for Business, 94(6), 400-407. (doi: 10.1080/08832323.2018.1541854) (

Abstract: The changing economy brings about new and exciting opportunities for emerging workers. Research shows that adolescents transitioning to adulthood are eager to enter the workforce and begin their careers, but many will be underprepared for the types of responsibilities that their new positions will entail. Subjectively identifying the skills that current workers believe will be necessary for future job success provides insight into how school curriculum may adapt to the changing economy and better support their students. This study explores the viewpoints of workers and the skills that they will need to take the next steps in their careers.

Wilmon Brown III <> is in the Stillwater School of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Aviation, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK (USA).