Escobar Cabello, Máximo, & Iván Sánchez Soto (2019, May-August). Implementación del Q-SORT en la evaluación diagnóstica y formativa de logros competenciales en estudiantes de Kinesiología [Implementation of the Q-SORT in the diagnostic and formative evaluation of competencies achievement in kinesiology students]. Revista de Investigación, 43, No. 97, 191-209. [Spanish]

Abstract: The aim was to apply the Q-sort instrument to the middle of the training cycle process to identify the development of achievement levels in kinesiology students in professional reasoning skills. 167 students from 4 levels who voluntarily agreed to the activity "how much I learned in the module" participated, using a methodology of choice of qualitative statements, which were ranked in a ranking of statements. The descriptive analyzes obtained from the ordering of the statements indicate about 50% of habilitation for the cognitive, procedural and attitudinal components of the competences of the 4 modules of the line of professional reasoning. It is concluded that the Q-sort method as a diagnostic of the process is a tool that allows characterizing the development of competencies in students, guiding the regulation of learning by teachers.

Máximo Escobar Cabello <> is in the Departamento Kinesiología, Universidad Católica del Maule, Chile.

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