Reed, James, Joli Rumi Borah, Colas Chervier, James Langston, Moira Moeliono, Alida O’Connor, Elizabeth L. Yuliani, & Terry Sunderland (2020). A methods toolbox for integrated landscape approaches. In James Reed, Mirjan Ros-Tonen, & Terry Sunderland (Eds.), Operationalizing integrated landscape approaches in the tropics (pp. 89-111, Chap. 6). Bogor, Indonesia: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). (doi: 10.17528/cifor/007800) (ISBN 978-602-387-138-4) (Access:

Note: A brief summary is given of Q methodology (pp. 100-101) in a section entitled “6.6.5 Stakeholder perception analysis––Q methodology.” The authors note that “Q is particularly relevant for landscape approaches as it is considered useful for revealing stakeholder perceptions on policy appraisal, land-use management alternatives, critical reflection and conflict resolution.”

James Reed <> is a researcher at CIFOR, within the theme of Sustainable Landscapes and Livelihoods (SLL). His research focuses on strategies that seek to reconcile conservation and development objectives in the tropics.

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