Szerb, Boglárka (2020). Agrárerdészeti termékek fogyasztói preferenciájának vizsgálata Q-módszer segítségével [Investigation of consumer preference of agri-forestry products using Q-method]. In Barna Róbert, Berke Szilárd, Nagy Mónika Zita, Sántosi Péter, Szabó-Szentgróti Gábor, Rumbus Anikó, Tóth Katalin, & Varga József (Eds.), Őszikék – Tanulmányok a gazdaságtudomány tárgyköréből [Autumn––Studies in the Field of Economics] (pp. 103-118). Kaposvár, Hungary: Faculty of Economics, University of Kaposvár. ISBN 978-615-5599-77-4 (pdf) (Hungarian) (Book download:Öszikék_2020.pdf) (Chapter access:

English Abstract: In today’s world, protecting our environment is increasingly important. Responsible producers strive to develop farming methods that put less strain on nature. These solutions include a variety of alternative farming systems, including agroforestry systems. The essence of agroforestry is to combine woody vegetation with agricultural crops and/or livestock in a production system. Based on previous research, consumers are unaware of these systems and their products. In the course of my research, I map the subjective opinion of consumers about agroforestry products and their potential market using a Q-method. Using factor analysis, I distinguished three groups of opinions, which I named “Open, Interested Consumers for Agricultural Forestry Products”, “Influential Consumers” and “Customers Adhering to Their Habits”. A similar survey has not yet been conducted in Hungary, so it can help to develop a marketing strategy for the agroforestry sector.

Boglárka Szerb <email unknown> is in the Doctoral School of Management and Organizational Science, Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary.

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