Jeffares, Stephen, & Helen Dickinson (2016). Evaluating collaboration: The creation of an online tool employing Q methodology. Evaluation, 22(1), 91-107. (doi: 10.1177/1356389015624195) (Link:

Abstract: The continued prevalence of different forms of collaborative working within public policy requires adaption in evaluation practices. In recent years evaluation toolkits, audits and guides have migrated online, but with varying success. At their worst, such tools can offer a disengaging user experience, limited coverage of issues or normative bias. This article outlines POETQ, designed to be engaging, comprehensive and methodologically robust. An overview of this approach is set out alongside an analysis of its merits. The article concludes by reflecting on the kinds of evidence that policy makers actually want to generate in relation to the topic of collaboration.

Stephen Jeffares <> is in the Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.