Ásványi, Katalin, Zsuzsanna Marjainé Szerényi, & Ágnes Zsóka (2020/2014). A fenntartható fejlődés feltételeinek megjelenése a nagykörűi lakosság értékrendjében: egy Q-módszeres kutatás eredményei [The emergence of the conditions of sustainable development in the value system of the general population: The results of a Q-methodology research]. Economica, 7(2), 68-79. (Hungarian) (doi: 10.47282/ECONOMICA/2014/7/2/4333) (Access: https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/economica/article/view/4333/4156)

English Abstract: One of the aims of sustainable development is to keep the local communities, to ensure their local welfare, which is essential to eliminate or mitigate negative consequences. In our research, we looked to answer how the local population relates to sustainable development. What preferences do they have regarding the place of residence? Do they see any inherent risks, threats? How long horizon they think and what problem solving techniques do they see? How do they think about sustainability issues? The responses were looked for using Q-methodology for which we have defined 46 claims in eight topics: local attachment; local cooperation; willingness to act; management; horizon; threats; solutions. The Q methodology showed the respondents dividing into factors, according to which claims they prefer more or less. The results are well suited to understanding the attitudes related to the sustainability problems.

Katalin Ásványi <katalin.asvanyi@uni-corvinus.hu>, Zsuzsanna Marjainé Szerényi <zsuzsanna.szerenyi@uni-corvinus.hu> , and Ágnes Zsóka <agnes.zsoka@uni-corvinus.hu> are in the Department of Environmental Economics and Technology, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary.