Wang, Mee Suk, & Sunyoung Jang (2017, May). A study on the subjectivity of nursing students on dating violence. International Journal of Advanced Nursing Education and Research, 2(1), 95-100. (doi: 10.21742/IJANER.2017.2.1.17) (Link:

Abstract: The study is to identify the subjectivity for the categorization by nursing students, to describe characteristics by type, and to identify the typology of dating violence. The study has utilized Q methodology. 40 nursing students were asked to classify 59 statements. The collected data was analyzed through QUANL PC Program. As a result of this study, there were two types of dating violence perceived by nursing students into 2 types: ‘Physical violence type’, ‘Anger expression type’.

Mee Suk Wang <> and Sunyoung Jang <> are in the Department of Nursing, Hanseo University, Seosan, Korea.

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