Capule, Jenneth G. (2018, June). Towards a geriatric-friendly library: A Q-methodology. Chișinău, Moldova: Scholars’ Press. 52 pp. ISBN-10 : 6202313137, ISBN-13 : 978-6202313131. $53.00 paper.

Abstract: While library efforts are geared toward the provision of free and low-cost services aimed at addressing the information of the public, the fact still remains that very few attempts have been made to serve the needs of the aging population. In the Philippines alone, a clear-cut library program intended for geriatric people is virtually non-existent. Hence, the overall intent of this Q-methodology inquiry was to ascertain the information needs of 15 geriatric Filipino citizens from various educational backgrounds, with a view to structuring a library program responsive to the distinct and ever-increasing information needs of this overlooked sector in society. Preliminarily, the 15 participants (P-set) were asked to arrange 42 statements (Q-set) derived from initial interviews. With the use of the PQ method version 2.11 software, five interesting profiles emerged via the by-person factor analysis. These include the (i) Classic and People-Oriented; (ii) Gregarious Geriatric, (iii) Cautious Architect; (iv) Soulful Reader; and (v) Trendy and People-Oriented. Their information needs vary from profile to profile and are geared toward library collection and physical facilities.

Jenneth G Capule <> is head librarian of the Antonio V. Del Rosario (AVdR) UST Heritage Library, University of Santo Tomas (the Catholic University of the Philippines), Manila, The Philippines. Scholars’ Press is dedicated to the publication of dissertations and other academic writings in English. The Press is part of OmniScriptum S.R.L. <;.