Doygun, Neslihan, & Hakan Doygun (2021, April). Seyhan Nehri’nden Sağlanan Ekosistem Hizmetlerine Yönelik Bakış Açılarının Q Metodoloji Yardımıyla Değerlendirilmesi [Evaluation of Perspectives on Ecosystem Services Provided from Seyhan River by Using Q Methodology]. Bartın Orman Fakültesi Dergisi [Journal of Bartin Faculty of Forestry], 23(1), 36-44. (Turkish)

English Abstract: In this study, it is aimed to evaluate the perspectives on ecosystem services provided from Seyhan River by using Q methodology. As a result of the analysis, two different perspectives were determined, 80% of the participants took part in factor 1 and 20% in factor 2. The principal expression agreed on in factor 1 is "Seyhan River provides resources for agricultural irrigation." This result is of great importance for Turkey and the region of Cukurova agricultural feeding suggests that a heightened awareness on the crucial question for the benefits provided by the Seyhan River. When the expressions on which the participants who came together in factor 2 were examined, it was seen that the statement "Seyhan River presents unsuitable environments for social interaction" was found at the top. In general, it is possible to say that the participants in factor 1 developed positive opinions, and participants in factor 2 developed negative views regarding the ecosystem services provided from Seyhan River. This study demonstrated that the studies to be carried out with Q methodology are an important tool in the studies aimed at determining the perspectives of people and in making the work of planners and managers more efficient. It is expected that the data obtained through the study will set an example for the studies to be carried out on Q methodology in our country and shed light on nature conservation and resource management activities to be carried out for the Seyhan River.

Neslihan Doygun <> is in the Department of Park and Horticulture, Vocational School, Izmir Democracy University, Izmir-Turkey.

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