Doygun, Neslihan (2021). Kent parklarından sağlanan ekosı̇stem hı̇zmetlerı̇ne yönelı̇k kullanıcı algısının ı̇ncelenmesı̇ [Analysis of user perception on ecosystem services provided by urban parks]. Turkish Journal of Forest Science, 5(1), 36-45. (doi: 10.32328/turkjforsci.820130) (Link: (Access: (Turkish)

Abstract: In this study, it is aimed to assess user perceptions on ecosystem services provided from urban parks by using Q methodology. Q methodology is based on the process of classifying perspectives from similar and different aspects of thoughts put forward by people on a subject. In the study realised for three parks in the city of Izmir, ecosystem services were presented to the users as an expression and two different perspectives were determined. Among the ecosystem services provided by the parks, cultural ecosystem services have gained importance for both perspectives. It is thought that the reason for this is that the socio-cultural effects of parks on life and environment are more easily observable than their role in ecological processes. When the expressions agreed on were examined, it was seen that while all of the expressions that came to the fore in factor 1 were positive, there were also negative expressions in factor 2. The results of the study are expected to contribute to the practices aimed at improving city parks, and to set an example for similar studies which will be realised to evaluate ecosystem services, and be conducted with the help of Q methodology.

Neslihan Doygun <> is in the Department of Park and Horticulture, Vocational School, Izmir Democracy University, Izmir-Turkey.

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