Kandalec Holm, Katherine R. (2019, July). Perceptions of postsecondary career and technical education: A Q method examination. Career and Technical Education Research, 44(1), 5-22. (Link: https://doi.org/10.5328/cter44.1.5)

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to identify perceptions currently held among school counselors towards postsecondary career and technical education. Q methodology provides an opportunity to study individual’s subjective reality using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Literature on CTE, the roles of counselors, and student outcomes were used to develop a set of statements. Then, counselors sorted the statements according to personal views of postsecondary CTE. A post-survey gathered demographic information and provided an in-depth understanding about each individual participant’s sort. Data analysis indicated three distinct and statistically significant factor groups: CTE Experienced, CTE Spectators, and Stereotypical Stigma group. The findings of this study generate considerations for practice, policy, and further research in the field of CTE perceptions and outcomes.

Katherine R Kandalec Holm <katherine.kandalec@athens.edu> is in the College of Education, Athens State University, Athens, AL, USA.

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