Swaminathan, Aiswarya, & Anuradha Pai (2020, April). Perceptions about neurodiversity at workplaces––A Q-methodology study from occupational therapy perspective. International Journal of Scientific Research, 9(4), 69-72. (doi: 10.36106/ijsr) (Link: https://www.doi.org/10.36106/ijsr)

Abstract: Aims & objectives: To study and understand the perceptions about neurodiverse individuals at work places, their related stakeholders and the implications for Occupational Therapy Study Design: A Q- Methodology was used which draws on both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Methods: Keeping in line with the Q-methodology a diverse, purposive sample of 13 including the above mentioned neurodiverse individuals and stakeholders were selected. Their perceptions (Q-Sort Statements) were sorted into normally distributed 19 cell grid (Q-sort grid). Results: Analysis of the data gathered was done by an online software PQMethod for rank ordering, and then factor analysis. Factors that emerged were labelled as follows A) Interests/passions and advocacy B) Career Pathways B) Transition to work C) Neurodiversity at workplaces, challenges and supports. Conclusions: Through this study the perceptions about neurodiversity at workplaces was understood. Implications for Occupational Therapy were discussed.

Anuradha V Pai <suchanu@rediffmail.com> is in the Occupational Therapy Training School and Centre, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion, Mumbai, India.

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