Bučková, Hana, & Jiří Dostál (2020, December). Kurikulum informatiky a digitálních technologií z pohledu učitelů 2. stupně základních škol [Curriculum of informatics and digital technologies from the point of view of primary school teachers]. Olomouc, Czech Republic: Palacký University. 205 pp. ISBN (print) 978-80-244-5903-5, ISBN (online: PDF) 978-80-244-5904-2. (Czech)

English Abstract: The aim of the publication is to expand the theory of didactics of informatics and digital technologies and to implement an empirical research survey that would provide information relevant to curricular planning. Within its framework, a critical and comparative analysis of current theoretical knowledge and research conclusions published by domestic and foreign authors who dealt with the issue was performed. Special attention was paid to the implementation of the description of processes associated with the introduction of innovations within the curriculum of informatics and digital technologies. At the empirical level, work on a research basis addresses the issue of the importance of individual topics of the curriculum from the perspective of teachers of computer science and digital technologies. The key result was the conduct of research, on the basis of which computer science teachers were categorized into groups according to the importance they attached to the individual topics of the curriculum. 3 groups of teachers were extracted. By number, the largest group of teachers included those who believed that the most important curriculum was one that focused on the development of user competencies. The achieved results are important not only for the development of the theory of didactics of informatics, but also for school practice, specifically in the field of curricular innovations.

Hana Bučková <hana.buckova@upol.cz> and Jiří Dostál <j.dostal@upol.cz> are in the Department of Technical Education and Information Technology, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czechia.

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