Lim, Jieun (2018, April). Q 방법론을 이용한 항공서비스 전공 학생들의 직업존중감 인식분석 [A Q-methodological approach to the perception of airline service students toward job-esteem]. Tourism Research, 33(3), 89-109. (Korean) (doi: 10.21719/IJTMS.33.3.5)

English Abstract: This study provides an analysis of university students’ understanding of unveiling perception type and subjectivity about job-esteem of flight attendant. The analysis was performed using Q methodology, which is useful to look at the areas of individual subjectivity in analyzing the perception of job-esteem. This study identified four types of job-esteem with 40 Q statements and 41 P sample: Personal Growth Value Type, Empirical Value Type, Value Type of Fun, and Social reputation Value Type. The four types were generally divided into positive value criteria for the flight attendant to have a job, and the scores given were very low for the negative treatment or the underestimation of job. However, despite these suggestions, this research has limitations as a qualitative study. Based on the conclusions of these qualitative studies, further studies are expected to be made to complement the limitations of the studies.

Jieun Lim <> is in the Department of Business Administration, Jungwon University, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea.

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