Mardaras, Enara, Garikoitz Artola, Sebastian Duarte, & José Ramón Otegi-Olaso (2021, October). Antifragile philosophy in R&D projects: Applying Q methodology and the possibility of open innovation. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, 7(4), art. 209. 20 pp. (Open Access: https://

Abstract: Antifragile philosophy can be the key to improving the management of organizations that base their activity on research and development (R&D) projects. These are types of projects with the greatest uncertainty in all aspects, and the application of antifragile philosophy can result in streamlining their management and development. In this article, the Q methodology is used to investigate whether organizations in R&D environments have antifragile characteristics. To this end, 15 innovation experts from research institutes located in Northern Spain were interviewed about their position regarding project management behaviors that are related to antifragile philosophy. As a result, it was verified that the characteristics of an ideal system of a research institute with antifragile philosophy are multidisciplinary and autonomous teams with a capacity for rapid response and adaptation to the environment.

Enara Mardaras <> is with AZTERLAN, Basque Research and Technology Alliance, Durango, Spain.

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