Candidates for ISSSS Election 2017

Every three years we elect a new Executive Committee, comprising: President, Vice President, Secretary, Advisor and Treasurer. The current President will continue on as Past-President.

Candidates for President: Jim Rhoads & Noori Akhtar-Danesh

Candidates for Vice-President: Helen Mason & Raffaele Zanoli

Candidate for Secretary: Brandy Walker

Candidates for Advisor: Sue Ramlo & Diane Montgomery shared with Amanda Wolf

Candidate for Treasurer: Mark Popovich

A PDF detailing candidate profiles for the 2017 ISSSS Executive Committee election can be downloaded here:

Candidates ISSSS Election 2017 FINAL

Descriptions of the roles can be found in our current Bylaws

The online ballot (via email) opens September 1st and closes September 6th (19:00 GMT).

Operant Subjectivity – Every Article Now Available!

As a valued member of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (ISSSS) you have now full access to the back files of Operant Subjectivity. In partnership with Erasmus University every article ever published in OS is now available for download to all current members.

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Qmethod(.org) Should Be a Big Tent – Our Editorial Policy

Qmethod(.org), as any platform for an academic association has a fine line to walk: on the one hand, it must be open and inclusive, but on the other hand, especially new users may expect high quality, uncontroversial resources from I4S as a sort of canonical source for things Q. is designed to fulfil both these goals.

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Call for Nominations

ISSSS Executive Committee July 2014 ISSSS is led by a small Executive Committee, comprising President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advisor. All elected positions will be available from September 2014 (the Past President is a member of the Committee but is not an elected position).
Being a part of the Executive committee is an opportunity to lead the promotion of ISSSS and Q methodology, to steer the society, and to contribute to:

  • the future direction of the society;
  • the content of the website (managed by the website administrator);
  • discussions about the journal (Managed by the Editor in Chief);
  • awards and prizes;
  • the location of future conferences, and more generally
  • to be a more active ‘part of the conversation’.

Our practice over the last few years has been to conduct quarterly meetings (in person at the conference, and via Skype calls between times), with special meetings around specific topics arranged on an ad hoc basis. Elected Officers are expected to participate in meetings of the Executive Committee, and to attend annual conferences and business meetings. The current Executive Committee will administer the elections as per the society bylaws and details of positions and procedures follow.


  • All members of ISSSS are eligible for nomination to executive office and we are now calling for nominations to all positions. Self-nomination is permissible or you can nominate another society member, with their agreement. The deadline for nominations prior to the conference is Friday 15th August 2014. Nominees will also be accepted from the floor during the Business Meeting at the 2014 ISSSS Conference in Salt Lake City.
  • Nominees should provide a brief biography (no more than 250 words), describing their professional background, experience of Q methodology, and previous contributions to ISSSS. Nominations should be sent, by email, to Rachel Baker Feel free to include a photo of yourself, (or your nominee) for members’ reference.
  • According to ISSSS By Laws, Section 4. “The Executive Committee shall nominate at least one individual to fill each vacancy among the Officers of the Society. In all elections, additional nominations may be made from the membership of the Society. The Committee shall be responsible for election procedures (such as notifying Society members whether elections occur by mail or during annual conference meetings, collecting and counting votes). In the event of an office becoming vacant before a term is completed, the Executive Committee shall appoint an individual to perform the duties of that office until the next annual meeting.”
  • Elections will take place during the ISSSS Business Meeting in Salt Lake City in September 2014. Appended to this note is an excerpt from the ISSSS bylaws, detailing the role of each elected officer. If you would like to find out more please contact our current officers who will be happy to respond to emails informally. Their details are listed at the bottom of this notice.

Also consider the bylaws.

Assistant Editors: Operant Subjectivity

Two Assistant Editors are required to assist the Editor in Chief, James Good, in the publication of Operant Subjectivity: the official journal of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (ISSSS).

About the journal:

The primary mission of Operant Subjectivity is to foster understanding of subjectivity through presentation of original research, theoretical and philosophical critique, and methodological clarification. An anonymous peer-review process assists the Editor and Editorial Board to select manuscripts for publication. The journal is committed to the ideas and concepts of Q methodology as enunciated by William Stephenson (1902-1989) and, while not precluding alternative viewpoints, encourages contributions compatible with this commitment.

The journal has recently undergone quite substantial changes, with a new Editor after 9 years and a transition from print to online publication ( Whilst these changes mean inevitable teething issues it is also an opportune time to contribute to the development and accessibility of the journal.

Role of Assistant Editor

The Assistant Editors will assist the Editor and Associate Editor with all aspects of the preparation of manuscripts for publication. This will include correspondence with authors and reviewers, copy editing, proof reading and liaising with Job van Exel (Associate Editor with responsibility for online publication). Assistant Editors will also be expected to play a role in the fostering of submissions.

Assistant Editors should have experience of publication as an author and possibly as a peer reviewer. Good Information Technology skills are necessary. Experience of copy editing is essential for one of the posts and desirable for the other.

We expect applicants will be early-career academics looking for experience of journal editing and publishing – although more senior applicants are also encouraged to contribute their time to the society and the sustainability of the journal. As a guide, applicants should be able to commit approximately two-three days per journal issue to the role, plus intermittent email correspondence with the Editorial team. Skype meetings may be required to discuss any issues not easily dealt with by email.

To Apply

Please send a CV and brief letter of application stating relevant experience and reasons for applying by 31st July at the latest.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the editor James Good, Online Editor Job van Exel or ISSSS President Rachel Baker to discuss the positions.

New appointments will be announced at the annual conference in September, in Salt Lake City.

2015 Q Conference

The 31st Annual Q Conference will be held in Ancona, Italy from September 14 (pre-conference workshops) to September 17, 2015. On the 18, post-conference tour to Raphael’s museum in Urbino.

The hosts will be Professors Raffaele Zanoli and Simona Naspetti from the Universita Politecnica delle Marche. More information to come!

Minutes Business Meeting 2013

  1. Welcome by ISSSS President Rachel Baker. Calltoorder 4:00 PM CEST.
    Approval of Minutes from 2012 ISSSS Business Meeting. Motion by Jim Rhoads, Seconded by Muriel Stephenson Minutes approved unanimously.
  2. I4S Budget/Treasurer’s Report – Mark Popovich.
    1. Number of registrations at this year’s meeting—119 registered 66 professional, 53 students—Workshop 34 registered 18 professional, 16 students.
    2. Number of students 53
    3. Number of paid members. 181 individual members – 20 Libraries about + 20 members from last year. 800 subscribers are signed up tothe Q list-serve.
    4. State of the treasury Up to $46,000. Maybe approaching limit for not filing for taxes in the US which is $50,000.00. However, this will be closer to $11,300 surplus when 2013 conference fees are paid.
      The budget sheet was circulated and Mark urged members to view the sheet to see the cash flow.
    5. Report from Committees.
      1. OperantSubjectivity(OS) – status of journal (*Note that this discussion followed a conference session on OS and open access at the start of the conference, led by Rachel Baker and Job van Exel)
        Rachel Baker announced a new editor for OS, James Good has accepted the position for one three year term. Rachel welcomed James as our new editor and then gave the floor to exiting editor Amanda Wolf.

        1. Amanda Wolf
          Volume 36 included 4 issues, 2nd issue co-edited by Rachel Baker and Stephen Jeffares, 4th issue, Amanda’s final issue, featured articles by whose lead authors are ‘emerging’ researchers, defined as those within about seven years of receiving PhD. Jim Rhoads is working on co-editing an issue on applications in popular culture.
          The journal faces two changes in addition to a new editor: the transition to an online journal and the move to a calendar year publication schedule. Issue 37 (1) will be dated January, 2014, with the subsequent three issues in April, July and October. These developments will require some major changes to current editorial practices and some additional editorial positions will be required.
          John Carr called for a round of applause to thank Amanda Wolf for her nine years of excellent service as editor for the journal.
        2. Call for submissions from conference
          Rachel Baker encouraged submissions from the conference. James Good echoed the call for submissions.
        3. Request for reviewers for Operant Subjectivity and Donald J. Brenner Best Paper Award.
      2. Job van Exel – online access (progress since last year)
        a. (Job demonstrated progress with the online journal at the opening session on open access.)
      3. Indexing of Operant Subjectivity
        Discussion of the open-access issue and the indexing issue ensued. The discussion went on for nearly an hour, several concerns and thoughts (positive and negative) were shared.Jim Rhoads motioned that the journal be put online with 100% open access for 1 year. Muriel Stephenson seconded the motion.Further discussion ensued about the potential financial cost if everything was open access, the savings from printing and postage (estimated to be at least $4-5,000 p.a. and possibly more with rising postage costs), and if the older or newer volumes should be open access. Amy Hollingsworth proposed a friendly amendment to the motion to implement open access limited to the previous two volumes.
        Jim Rhoads accepted the amendment.Sue Ramlo made a friendly amendment to make the open access of the previous two volumes a two-year trial.
        Jim Rhoads accepted the friendly amendment.James Good and Stephen Jeffares made a friendly amendment to restrict access to the older volumes to the membership and open access to the two most recent volumes and to review the membership data collected at the 2015 business meeting.Jim Rhoads accepted this friendly amendment.

        Job van Exel made a friendly amendment that the previous 3 volumes be open access. Jim Rhoads agreed to that amendment.

        Secretary John Nicholas summarized the motion as:
        That the journal have open access for the three most recent volumes, and access restricted to members for all older volumes; that the issues be revisited, reviewing the data collected concerning membership and readership in 2015; and that the executive committee put forth a motion regarding online access to the journal based upon the analysis of the data at the 2015 business meeting.

        President Rachel Baker called for a vote.

        The vote tally was: 29 yay
        0 nay
        2 abstained
        The motion, with amendments carried.

    6. Awards – Sue Ramlo
      Last year 14 submissions for the Donald J. Brenner Award, 11 of which met the conditions to be reviewed.
      She encouraged graduate students to submit papers.
      Deadline for submission is 11:00 PM local time on the last day of the conference.
      No need for hardcopies, email your paper to Sue.
      Sue needs Brenner Award evaluators; please volunteer by sending an email to
      Evaluators are still needed for the award.
    7. Website – No report.
    8.  Old Business.
    9. New Business.Mike Stricklin announced that there was the first international conference on the Science of Subjectivity in Brazil held in 2008 to honor Al Talbert, former ISSSS president. Al Talbot left his book collection to Mike’s university, Federal University of Piauí, Brazil, following which the University president approved a conference in Talbot’s honor. A conference proceeding was published and Mike, in conjunction with co-organizer Gustavo Said, presented a copy to one of the chapter authors, Diane Montgomery.Mark Popovich suggested a Conference Chair to help pick the conference locations, negotiate rates etc.

      Rachel noted that the by-laws state that Executive committee can create the position without the need for a vote.

      Stephen Jeffares suggested naming a Vice President of Conferences would make it a more attractive position

      1. Proposed slate of new officers:
        Vice President Job van Exel was re-elected by unanimous acclimation.
        Location of IS42014 – Salt Lake City, Utah Dates: 3rd week of September 2014. A presentation on Salt Lake City was given by Clark Callahan.
      2. Future meetings-potential sites
      3. Other NewBusiness
    10. Good of the Order
    11. Adjournment Meeting Closed at 5:15 PM CEST.

International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (ISSSS) invite applications for the position of Editor of the journal Operant Subjectivity: The International Journal of Q Methodology

Following three terms Dr Amanda Wolf will be stepping down as Editor of Operant Subjectivity as of volume 37, issue 1 (October 2013). The ISSSS Executive Committee invite applications for a replacement Editor. The successful candidate will initially take up a position as Associate Editor from Jan 2013 to work alongside Amanda Wolf before taking over formally as Editor for Volume 37 of the journal. The term of Editor is three years in the first instance.

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