Steven Brown wins first Stephenson Award for Contributions to ISSSS

Steve Brown earned his Ph.D. in political science at the University of Missouri in 1968, where he also studied journalism and, as a result, met William Stephenson who was then a member of the J-school faculty. Steve went on to take several courses from Professor Stephenson; and, for a time, they were backyard neighbors. Steve… Read More

Winner of the 2009 Harold Lasswell Award for best article in Policy Sciences

The Harold Lasswell Prize for the best article in the 2009 volume of the journal Policy Sciences has gone to the following: Rutherford, Murray B., Michael L. Gibeau, Susan G. Clark, & Emily C. Chamberlain (2009 May). Interdisciplinary problem solving workshops for grizzly bear conservation in Banff National Park, Canada. Policy Sciences, 42(2), 163-187. Abstract.… Read More

Hung Kyu Kim’s book on Q receives “Book of the Year” award

Hung Kyu Kim has just been informed that his book, Q Methodology: Philosophy, Theories, Analysis, and Practice (Seoul: CommunicationBooks, Inc., ISBN: 978-89-8499-951-0), has been selected Book of the Year by the selection committee of the Korean Society for Journalism and Mass Communication, the largest society of its kind in Korea with approximately 2000 members. The committee… Read More

Steven Brown awarded the 2009 Harold Lasswell Award

Steven Brown has been named the recipient of the 2009 Harold Lasswell Award of the International Society of Political Psychology and will be presented with the award during the Society’s 32nd annual meeting July 14-17 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. The Lasswell Award is for “distinguished scientific contribution in the field of political psychology” and… Read More

William Stephenson’s 106th anniversary

May 14th, 2008 will mark the 106th anniversary of William Stephenson’s birth: 14 May 1902. O.L. Zagwell, Lawrence Kohlberg, & Donald J. Brenner, Introduction: William Stephenson, Science, Psychology, and Communication: Essays honoring William Stephenson, ed. Steven R. Brown and Donald J. Brenner. (New York: Teachers College Press, 1972) ix-xxv

New Editorial Staff

I am pleased to announce the new editorial board of Operant Subjectivity. Operant Subjectivity is the official journal of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity. Its mission is to foster understanding of subjectivity through presentation of original research, theoretical and philosophical critique, and methodological clarification. I would like to signal that I… Read More


Annual membership fees are currently being accepted for the 2003-2004 (October is the first month of the ISSSS fiscal year). Fees are US$30 for professionals and US$10 for students. These fees include mail postage in the U.S. and overseas. Members will receive all four issues of Volume 27 of Operant Subjectivity. Students should send a photocopy… Read More