Candidates for ISSSS Election 2017

Every three years we elect a new Executive Committee, comprising: President, Vice President, Secretary, Advisor and Treasurer. The current President will continue on as Past-President. Candidates for President: Jim Rhoads & Noori Akhtar-Danesh Candidates for Vice-President: Helen Mason & Raffaele Zanoli Candidate for Secretary: Brandy Walker Candidates for Advisor: Sue Ramlo & Diane Montgomery shared… Read More

Q Bibliography: van Iterson Scholten on meanings of peace (book chapter)

Van Iterson Scholten, Gijsbert M. (2020, in press). Western dissensus, non-Western consensus: A Q study into the meanings of peace. In Van Iterson Scholten, Visions of peace of professional peace workers: The peaces we build (Chap 3). Cham, Switzerland: Springer International. (Chapter link: (Book link: Chapter Abstract: This chapter reports the results from… Read More

Q Bibliography: Bradford et al. on evaluation of the effectiveness of agricultural beneficial management practices

Bradford, Lori, Anuja Thapa, Ashleigh Duffy, Elmira Hassanzadeh, Graham Strickert, Bram Noble, & Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt (2019, in press). Incorporating social dimensions in hydrological and water quality modeling to evaluate the effectiveness of agricultural beneficial management practices in a Prairie River Basin. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 17 pp. (ePub in advance of print) (Link:… Read More

Q Bibliography: Lin on public service motivation in Taiwan

Lin, Yu-Wen (2014, December). Public service motivation in Taiwan: Applying Q methodology to test Perry’s measurement scale. International Journal of Political Science, Law and International Relations, 4(6), 13-28. (Accessible: (Link: Abstract: Public Service Motivation (PSM) is known as a concern to public service. Many Studies have shown that PSM is positively associated with… Read More

Q Bibliography: Harris, Henderson, & Wink on Q within a realist evaluation

Harris, Kevin, Steven Henderson, & Brian Wink (2019, October). Mobilising Q methodology within a realist evaluation: Lessons from an empirical study. Evaluation, 25(4), 430–448. (previously posted as in press) (Link: Abstract: Realist evaluation and Q methodology are established approaches in social science. However, integration of Q methodology within a realist evaluation is scarce. This… Read More

Q Bibliography: Carvalho et al. on CIOs’ activities using Delphi and Q technique

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Q Bibliography: Van Eijk & Trui on co-planning engagement in health care services

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Q Bibliography: Lak, Ramezani, & Aghamolaei on lost spaces under urban highways and bridges

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Q Bibliography: du Plessis on social media research

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Q Dissertation: Archer on rural counselors with clients at risk for suicide

Archer, Robin S. (2019, October 7). Rural counselors’ perceptions regarding the use of clinical supervision interventions for counselors working with a rural client at risk for suicide. Doctoral dissertation (Counselor Education and Supervision), Kent State University. Abstract: The present study utilized Q methodology to understand what rural counselors perceive to be the clinical supervision interventions… Read More

Q Bibliography: Lyon on completion of a Q dissertation (book chapter)

Lyon, Melissa Lynn (2020, in press). Reflections of the first half marathon in preparation to complete a dissertation using Q methodology. In Noran L. Moffett (Ed.), Creating a framework for dissertation preparation: Emerging research and opportunities (Chap 8, pp. 147-166). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. (doi: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9707-0.ch008) (Link: Abstract: This chapter provides the perspective of… Read More