Candidates for ISSSS Election 2017

Every three years we elect a new Executive Committee, comprising: President, Vice President, Secretary, Advisor and Treasurer. The current President will continue on as Past-President. Candidates for President: Jim Rhoads & Noori Akhtar-Danesh Candidates for Vice-President: Helen Mason & Raffaele Zanoli Candidate for Secretary: Brandy Walker Candidates for Advisor: Sue Ramlo & Diane Montgomery shared… Read More

Q Bibliography: Vinaya on representations of poverty

Vinaya, Harshada (2019, October). Ideas, narratives and representations of poverty amongst the urban middle class in India. Journal of Poverty, 24(2), 113-129. (doi: 10.1080/10875549.2019.1668897) (Link: Abstract: Defining and measuring poverty drives substantial part of the poverty research. However, poverty is not just a latent concept, but a lived experience-occurring in contexts and with others.… Read More

Q Bibliography: Slaughter et al. on language programming and policy development

Slaughter, Yvette, Joseph Lo Bianco, Renata Aliani, Russell Cross, & John Hajek (2019, December). Language programming in rural and regional Victoria: Making space for local viewpoints in policy development. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 42(3), 274-300. (Link: Abstract: Despite decades of often ambitious policies in Australia, languages education is still characterized by intermittent commitment… Read More

Q Bibliography: Boodhoo & LouwPotgieter on program evaluability

Boodhoo, A. & Joha LouwPotgieter (2020). Evaluability perspectives: An empirical investigation of programme evaluability in different practice contexts. African Evaluation Journal, 8(1), Art. 434. 12 pp. (doi: 10.4102/aej.v8i1.434) (Open Access: Abstract: Background: The empirical literature on programme evaluability is sparse and little is known about how evaluators operationalise prescriptive articulations of evaluability. Objectives:… Read More

Q Bibliography: Gooden & Moir on wildlife-friendly ranching in northern Mexico

Gooden, Jennifer, & Flora C. Moir (2019, August). Consensus, clusters, and trade-offs in wildlife-friendly ranching: An advance analysis of stakeholder goals in northern Mexico. Biological Conservation, 236, 443-451. (Open Access: Abstract: This study assessed stakeholder priorities to inform the development of a private land conservation program intended to restore grasslands in northern Mexico. Drawing… Read More

Q Bibliography: Van der Steen et al. on teaching students with autism

Van Der Steen, Steffie, Carla H. Geveke, Anne T. Steenbakkers, & Henderien W. Steenbeek (2020, April). Teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: What are the needs of educational professionals? Teaching and Teacher Education, 90, art. 103036. (Link: Abstract: The academic achievements of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are usually lower than those of… Read More

Q Bibliography: Coppola & Camodeca on social competence in kindergarten (Book in Italian)

Abstracts of scholarly contributions involving Q methodology are not normally posted on the Q-Method list if more than 5 years old, but an exception is made in this instance since the following is a book of which readers might wish to be aware: Coppola, Gabrielle, & Marina Camodeca (2010). La metodologia Q-Sort. Valutare la competenza… Read More

Q Bibliography: Camodeca & Coppola on bullying among preschool children

Camodeca, Marina, & Gabrielle Coppola (2015). Bullying, empathic concern, and internalization of rules among preschool children: The role of emotion understanding. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 40(5), 459-465. (Link: Abstract: The present study examined whether bullying, defending, and outsider behaviors in preschool children were associated with two conscience aspects (empathic concern and internalization of… Read More

Q Bibliography: Leggette et al. on writing related to critical thinking and knowledge creation

Leggette, H.R., Billy McKim, Megan Homeyer, & Tracy Rutherford (2015, December). Perspectives of writing related to critical thinking and knowledge creation. NACTA Journal, 59(4), 275-284. (Link: Abstract: The purpose of this study was to use Q methodology to understand the subjective views of faculty, students and administrators about the perspectives of writing related to… Read More

Q Bibliography: Löfström et al. on academic integrity

Löfström, Erika, Tiffany Trotman, Mary Furnari, & Kerry Shephard (2015, March). Who teaches academic integrity and how do they teach it. Higher Education, 69(3), 435-448. Abstract: Whose role is it to teach academic integrity to university students? We explored academics’ conceptions about their role in promoting academic integrity in two countries, namely New Zealand and… Read More

Q Bibliography: Opsahl, Judge, & Hensel on teaching Q methodology to nursing students (previously listed as in press)

Opsahl, Angela, Deborah Judge, & Desirée Hensel (2020, January/February). Teaching Q methodology to prelicensure nursing students. Nursing Education Perspectives, 41(1), 39-40. (doi: 10.1097/01.NEP.0000000000000447) (Link: Abstract: Prelicensure nursing student exposure to undergraduate research education may have a significant effect on their research skills and use of evidence-based practice. There are potential benefits to introducing Q… Read More