Q Bibliography: Bang et al. on cancer-related fatigue

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Q Bibliography: Hugé et al. on discourses about the Malaysian Matang Mangrove Forest

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Q BIBLIOGRAPHY: Nilsson on holistic intentionalism vs. interactionist mechanism in person-oriented research

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Q BIBLIOGRAPHY: Uluğ & Cohrs on the conflict ethos in the Kurdish conflict

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Q Bibliography: Munoz-Blanco and Padilla Vargas on interbehavioral study of creativity

Munoz-Blanco, Maria I., & Maria Antonia Padilla Vargas (2017). Utilizing Q-methodology for the study of the behavior of the audience of creativity. International Journal of Psychological Studies, 9(2), 67-81. Abstract: The study of creativity from the standpoint of the audience (e.g., any person that assesses a product as creative) has not been addressed yet from… Read More

Q Bibliography: Fluckinger on Big Five measurement and social desirability

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Q Bibliography: Lansing on forestry stakeholders in Costa Rica

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Q Bibliography: Jenkins on perspectives of mining development

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Q Dissertation: Jenkins on mineral development, use management, and socio-ecological values

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Q Dissertation: Apanecatl-Ibarra on views of the research university

Apanecatl-Ibarra, Édgar (2016). Exploring the views of American, international, and Mexican students of the Anglo Saxon model of the research university: A Q methodology study. Doctoral dissertation (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Oklahoma State University. Abstract: The purpose of this Q methodological study was to explore the views of three groups of graduate students concerning… Read More