Candidates for ISSSS Election 2017

Every three years we elect a new Executive Committee, comprising: President, Vice President, Secretary, Advisor and Treasurer. The current President will continue on as Past-President. Candidates for President: Jim Rhoads & Noori Akhtar-Danesh Candidates for Vice-President: Helen Mason & Raffaele Zanoli Candidate for Secretary: Brandy Walker Candidates for Advisor: Sue Ramlo & Diane Montgomery shared… Read More

Q Bibliography: Ha on the status of the nursing profession in South Korea

Ha, Eun-Ho (2017, January). How clinical nurses in South Korea perceive the status of the nursing profession: A Q-methodological approach. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 23(2), e12516. (doi: 10.1111/ijn.12516) (Link: Abstract: Professional self-image among nurses is shaped by subjective perceptions, feelings, and tacit views. A perceived positive status reflects and influences the nurse’s self-esteem,… Read More

Q Bibliography: Hunter on cultural tourism in Taiwan

Hunter, William Cannon (2020, May). Syncretism and indigenous cultural tourism in Taiwan. Annals of Tourism Research, 82, art. 102919. (Link: Abstract: Residents in Indigenous Paiwan and Rukai communities in South Taiwan struggle over control of cultural resources for tourism. A history of Sinicization, government control and religious-colonial syncretism have divided subjectivities toward the public… Read More

Q Bibliography: Moalusi on qualitative research in organizational studies

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Q Bibliography: Moseya et al. on Q methodology in the South African health sciences

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Q Bibliography: Venus et al. on hydropower across Europe

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Q Bibliography: Lim on biofuel policy

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Q Bibliography: Peenstra & Silvius on suppliers and sustainability in projects

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Q Bibliography: Cotton & Stevens on climate change adaptation

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