Candidates for ISSSS Election 2017

Every three years we elect a new Executive Committee, comprising: President, Vice President, Secretary, Advisor and Treasurer. The current President will continue on as Past-President. Candidates for President: Jim Rhoads & Noori Akhtar-Danesh Candidates for Vice-President: Helen Mason & Raffaele Zanoli Candidate for Secretary: Brandy Walker Candidates for Advisor: Sue Ramlo & Diane Montgomery shared… Read More

Q Bibliography: Cooke on imagery training and language selves

Cooke, Simon (2020). Using Q methodology to examine the effect of imagery training on possible second language selves among basic English users. Konin Language Studies (Konińskie Studia Językowe), 8(2), 121-141. [State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Poland] (Access: Abstract: A number of studies have shown the role of imagery training in the enhancement… Read More

Q Bibliography: Schick, Gartmeier, & Berberat on medical student patient communication in the clinical elective year

Schick, Kristina, Martin Gartmeier, & Pascal O. Berberat (2021). Senior medical student attitudes towards patient communication and their development across the clinical elective year – A Q methodology study. Frontline Learning Research, 9(1), 1-29. (Link: (Access: Abstract: To be proficient in communicating with patients, physicians need specified knowledge, skills and attitudes. Until now,… Read More

Q Bibliography: Lee on stakeholder interests in the establishment of ecotourism facilities

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Q Bibliography: Jueng et al. on evidence-based on nursing

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Q Bibliography: Ha on nursing students and simulation-based learning

Ha, Eun-Ho (2018, July). Experience of nursing students with standardized patients in simulation-based learning: Q-methodology study. Nurse Education Today, 66, 123-129. (Link: (Access: Abstract: Background: Standardized patients (SPs) boost self-confidence, improve problem solving, enhance critical thinking, and advance clinical judgment of nursing students. Objective: The aim of this study was to examine nursing… Read More

Q Bibliography: Maniatakou et al. on values of ecosystem services

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Q Bibliography: Hampson, Ferrini, & Turner on river quality improvements

Hampson, Danyel I., Silvia Ferrini, & R. Kerry Turner (2021). Assessing subjective preferences for river quality improvements: Combining Q-methodology and choice experiment data. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy. 19 pp. (ePub in advance of print) (Link: Abstract: Choice decisions are inherently subjective but capturing and explaining nuanced variation in respondents’ attitudes is difficult… Read More

Q Bibliography: Truong et al. on foot-and-mouth vaccinations in Vietnam

Truong, Dinh Bao, Aurélie Binot, Marisa Peyre, Ngoc Hai Nguyen, Stéphane Bertagnoli, & Flavie Luce Goutard (2017). A Q method approach to evaluating farmers’ perceptions of foot-and-mouth disease vaccination in Vietnam. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 4, art. 95. (doi: 10.3389/fvets.2017.00095) Abstract: This study aims to explore the farmers’ perceptions of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccination using… Read More

Q Bibliography: Lee on governing a participatory ecosystem service assessment

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Q Bibliography: Hiedanpää et al. on the management of salmon in Finland

Hiedanpää, Juha, Joni Saijets, Pekka Jounela, Mikko Jokinen, & Simo Sarkki (2020). Beliefs in conflict: The management of Teno Atlantic salmon in the Sámi homeland in Finland. Environmental Management, 66, 1039-1058. (Link: (Access: Abstract: The subarctic Teno River is one of the most significant spawning rivers for Atlantic salmon in Europe. In 2009,… Read More