Q Bibliography: Desing on counterfactual thinking and women engineers (poster)

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Q Bibliography: Ehlert & Orr on cluster analysis and Q methodology (poster)

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Q Bibliography: Osborne et al. on physical therapy residency training

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Q Bibliography: Lauret et al. on rodent outbreaks in farmland areas (previously listed as in print)

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Q Bibliography: Rittelmeyer on flood risk and management of a levee system

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Q Bibliography: Ramlo on single-case study of freedom of speech

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Q Bibliography: Constantine et al. on the Prolapse/Incontinence Sexual Questionnaire

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Q Bibliography: Marijnissen & Kolthoff on personal threats to aldermen

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Q Bibliography: Escobar Cabello & Sánchez Soto on evaluation of competencies of kinesiology students

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Q Bibliography: Lehrer, Donovan, & Gallen on decision-making and farmworker safety

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