Q Bibliography: Chung & Kinsey on the favorability of organizational logos

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Q Bibliography: Williams et al. on discourse towards lizard species

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Q Bibliography: Späth on land use and renewable electricity development

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Q Bibliography: Huh, Lee, & Kim on music video audience types

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Q Bibliography: Liu, Chen, & Poon on homebuyers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the USA

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Q Dissertation: Zhang on meaningful intercultural practices

Zhang, Tianhong (2019, April 2). Meaningful intercultural practice: International and American graduate students on a U.S. campus. Doctoral dissertation (Education–Cultural Foundations), Kent State University, Kent, OH. Abstract: The current study explored the nature of meaningful intercultural interactions and relations between international and American graduate students on a U.S. mid-sized college campus. Imahori and Lanigan’s (1989)… Read More

Q Bibliography: Mortensen, Keshelashvili, & Weir on types of citizen journalists

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Q Bibliography: Zong on Stephenson and play theory (book in Chinese)

宗益祥. 游戏人、Q方法与传播学:威廉·斯蒂芬森的传播游戏理论研究. 北京:中国政法大学出版社, 2017: 318页. ISBN:978-7-5620-7274-4, 58元。 Zong, Yixiang Shawn (2017). Homo ludens & Q-methodology & communication: A study of William Stephenson’s play theory of mass communication. Beijing: China University of Political Science and Law Press. 318 pp., paperback. ISBN-10: 7-5620-7274-4, ISBN-13: 978-7-5620-7274-4. ¥58.00 Yuan (approx. $8.65 USD). [in Chinese] CONTENTS (English translation) Preface One… Read More

Erratum: Q Bibliography

On March 24, it was erroneously reported that the following article used Q methodology: Amaia Albizua, Unai Pascual, & Esteve Corbera (2019). Large-scale irrigation impacts socio-cultural values: An example from rural Navarre, Spain. Ecological Economics (ePub in advance of print). This was apparently confused with a previous article by the senior author that did employ… Read More

Q Bibliography: Bredin et al. on jaguar conservation in Brazil

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