October 20-22, 1988

Columbia, Missouri

Thursday-Saturday October 20-22, 1988

The annual Institute for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity convened October 20-22, 1988 at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri, and featured papers by:

  • Marten Brouwer, University of Amsterdam, Comparing individually held political opinions and perceptions of political opinions
  • Patrick Peritore, University of Missouri, The Mexican election: Factions within the ruling party
  • William Knabe and Albert Talbott, University of Iowa, From Rosetta to Censort: The computerization of Q
  • Don Brenner, University of Missouri, Audience attitudes toward news media credibility
  • Leonard Barchak, McNeese State University, Assessment of America by the media of Finland
  • Won Chang, University of Missouri, Attitudes of Koreans towards the U.S.
  • Mike Stricklin, University of Nebraska, Changes in attitudes towards the news media from 1966 to 1988
  • Sarina Chen, University of Iowa, Watching “Dynasty”: Perceptions and cultural values
  • Byron Scott, University of Missouri, Medical writers’ views on the ethics of medical writing
  • Rodger Palmer and Joan Aitken, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Communication types among students, faculty and administrators in higher education
  • Peter Nwosu and Eronini Megwa, Howard University, Toward a hybrid approach for strengthening Q methodology: A study proposal
  • Greg Casey, University of Missouri and Barbara Luck Graham, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Attitudes towards recruitment for the United States Supreme Court: Bork, Ginsburg, and Kennedy

William Stephenson was again the main attraction, speaking on “How to buy a loaf of bread: Comments on the phenomenology of science”, “A Q methodological look at profundity: I. Ulysses” and “II. Finnegan’s Wake” among other topics.