Pre-conference workshop – Advanced Workshop: Key Concepts and Procedures in Q Methodology

Wednesday 6th September, 1.30pm – 5.00pm

Cost: £50

Location: Glasgow Caledonian University

Facilitators: Professor Steven R. Brown (Kent State University), Professor James M. M. Good (Durham University)

This workshop is intended for Q scholars with more than elementary research and reading experience.   The facilitators will lead the group through a number of issues that continue to challenge Q methodologists, tackling particular areas where debate or misunderstandings have arisen.   The agenda is in the process of formulation but may include issues such as theoretical rotation, the structuring of Q samples and propositional sets, the forced Q-sort distribution, abduction as inference and process, the prior analysis of questionnaires, and single case studies as well as more historical/philosophical matters such as Newton’s Fifth Rule, the role of the Scottish Enlightenment, the laws of subjectivity, parallels with quantum theory, the status of consciousness vs. subjectivity, etc.  Conferees who intend to enroll for the workshop are encouraged to copy both facilitators ( and with their preferred topics for discussion.