As the conference will be taking place online there is a slight change to the usual format for oral presentations.  Presentations must be no longer than 10 minutes and must be pre-recorded and submitted by the 17th August

Submit your presentation at: .

Guidance on how to record your conference presentation

Advice for shooting and recording

The frame

Check the frame, stay in the middle of the frame. « Head & shoulders » is the scale of camera-shot the most appropriate for a video conference (not too far and not to close).


To be visible, your face should be well lit. If there is a window, go to the front of it to light your face. But don’t stand with your back to the window to avoid the backlight. You would be in the shadow.  If you have table lamps, put them in front of your face.


If you record with a camera, favour an external mic instead of camera’s micro. If you record with a phone, a digital tablet or a computer, use the mic into the device.

For both configurations, check to talk in front of mic and near it to record a good sound.

Recording for mat

Your video must be recorded in widescreen 16/9 format.

Files format to send to the University

Your video must be exported in mp4 to transfer it easily to the University.