6 thoughts on “Getting Started With Q

  1. Thank you for the video, very informative.
    I’m currently developing a q-method study for children, and would like to keep the assessment as simple. That being said, is there a minimum number of statements that should be included in the final assessment without violating the procedure?


  2. That was such an interesting and enlightening video! ThankQ!! Currently, I am not involved with any projects, but I’m keen to learn more about applying Q Method to future work I may spearhead or involve myself with. Looking forwards to more innovative videos!!


  3. Thank you for the interesting video, that gives a very informative insight to the Q-method. I´m a master´s student and have the idea to use this methodology to investigate certain characteristics of children of parents with mental illness. Can you recommend literature/ courses that introduce me to the development of a new set of cards/ items? I´m looking forward to hear from you. Best regards from Germany!


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