Deignan on enquiry-based learning

Deignan, Tim (2009). Enquiry-based learning: Perspectives on practice. Teaching in Higher Education, 14(1), 13-28. Abstract: Traditional lecture-based teaching methods are being replaced or supplemented by approaches which call for reframing the roles and identities of teachers and learners. Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) is one such approach. This paper reports on a study investigating the perceptions of… Read More

Askay et al. on distress among burn survivors

Askay, S.W., Stricklin, M., Carrougher, G.J., Patterson, D.R., Klein, M.B., Esselman, P.C., & Engrav, L.H. (2008, December 3). Using Q methodology to identify reasons for distress in burn survivors postdischarge. Journal of Burn Care Research (Epublication ahead of print, available Abstract: Reasons for distress after burn injuries have not been codified based on any type… Read More

Lewin on stakeholder perspectives concerning prevention of childhood obesity

Alexandra C. Lewin (2009, January). Whose responsibility? The role of the federal government in preventing childhood obesity: Perspectives of organizations, congressional staffers, and parents. Doctoral dissertation, Cornell University. Abstract: This dissertation examined three stakeholder groups and their perspectives about the role of the federal government in preventing childhood obesity. The three stakeholder groups included organizations… Read More

New book chapter on Q methodology and risk under complexity

Brown, Mary Maureen (2008). Illuminating risk with Q methodology: The complexity of trans-disciplinary information system integration. In Linda F. Dennard, Kurt A. Richardson, & Goktuo Morcol (Eds.), Complexity and policy analysis: Tools and concepts for designing robust policies in a complex world (Exploring Organizational Complexity series, Vol. 2, pp. 307-322). Goodyear, AZ: ISCE Publishing [Institute… Read More

Stephenson’s naming of the Studebaker Lark

Discussion of Stephenson’s naming of the Studebaker Lark is in his “Homo ludens: The play theory of advertising,” Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Economiche e Commerciali, 1979, 26(7), 634-653, which is hard to find and could be scanned and made available were there interest. Contact Steven Brown for more information.

“Q Methodology” forthcoming in Sage’s Encyclopedia of Research Design

Steven Brown (Kent State University) and James Good (University of Durham) have been invited to co-author a 4000-word entry on “Q Methodology” in the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Research Design (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2009), edited by Neil J. Salkind, University of Kansas. The Encyclopedia will appear in three volumes and will contain approximately 560 entries.… Read More

Q Workshop at Kent State

On May 19 – 23, 2008 Steven Brown conducted an intersession workshop on Q-Methodology at Kent State University, through the College of Continuing Studies and under the auspices of the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services. A diverse group of 17 persons, comprised of graduate students and faculty, attended the workshop, including five from… Read More

Valaitis et al. on Web conferencing in the health sciences

Valaitis, Ruta, Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Kevin Eva, Anthony Levinson, and Bruce Wainman (2007). Pragmatists, positive communicators, and shy enthusiasts: Three viewpoints on Web conferencing in health sciences education. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 9(5), e39 . Abstract Background: Web conferencing is a synchronous technology that allows coordinated online audio and visual interactions with learners logged in to… Read More

New Encylopedia Entry by James Rhoads

Rhoads, James C. (2007). Q methodology. In Neil J. Salkind (Ed.) and Kristin Rasmussen (Managing Ed.), Encyclopedia of measurement and statistics (Vol. 3, pp. 799-802). Thousand Oaks, CA, London, and New Delhi: Sage Publications. This 2000-word entry is at the beginning of Volume 3 of this Encyclopedia and is a clear and well-written summary of… Read More

Brown, Durning, & Selden, Q in public administration

Steven R. Brown, Dan W. Durning, and Sally C. Selden (2008). Q methodology. In K. Yang & G.J. Miller (Eds.), Handbook of research methods in public administration (Public Administration and Public Policy series, Vol. 134) (2nd ed., pp. 721-763). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press (Taylor & Francis). ISBN: 9780849353840, $139.95. This wholly rewritten chapter is… Read More