Date: 13th September

Location: Ulster University, Building BD Room BD-02-033

Time: 9:30-12:30

The workshop is free to attend. 

Registration now closed.

Dr Susan Ramlo (University of Akron) & Dr James Rhoads (Westminster College) will deliver a pre-conference introduction to Q Methodology workshop.

Q methodology was created to scientifically study subjectivity. Although the number of Q studies has been increasing within the last decade, it seems few of these studies are followed up by other Q studies by the same investigators. We theorize that, in part, this is because the Q process may seem straightforward, especially for those who are unfamiliar with Q methodology.

There are specific steps to march through which at least appear to be clear, with the exception of the interpretation stage and, perhaps, the mathematical / statistical stage. This workshop is meant to be more than a “how to perform a Q study” workshop. Instead, we seek to help those interested in Q to embrace all aspects of Q methodology.

Workshop participants, and others, are expected to perform an online Q sort prior to the workshop. After a theoretical overview, participants will get to ‘practice’ analyzing data with some interpretation at least begun. We will use KADE desktop software (which is freeware produced by Shawn Banasick and available here – The data file created via the online Q sorts will be shared with participants immediately prior to the workshop so that various explorations of solutions can be performed by participants.