Though much of the procedures involved in Q methodology can be accomplished using a variety of programs and tools, some special purpose programs offer extra features widely used by Q researchers.


  • PQMethod, maintained by Peter Schmolck, based on FORTRAN code by John Atkinson at Kent State University.
    Free software (GNU GPL), available for Windows, Linux and (via DOS-emulator) for OS X.
  • PCQ, developed by Mike Stricklin.
    Proprietary software, available only for Windows.
  • qmethod package for the R software environment, created by Aiora Zabala with contributions by Maximilian Held.
    Free software, available on a wide variety of UNIX platforms (including Linux), Windows and OS X.

And the legacy

    Like QMethod Norman Van Tubergen’s QUANAL is a FORTAN program, developed in the 1960s for mainframe platforms. It is rather complex, and offers a great variety of features and options with respect to input-data structure, methods of analysis and the presentation of results. For further information contact Norm Van Tubergen.

Q-Sorting Software

Name Author License Platform Note
HtmlQ Aproxima Open Source (MIT) Web: HTML5 Modern HTML5-port of FlashQ, backwards compatible.
Flash Q Christian Hackert Open Source (non-standard license) Web: Adobe Flash Last updated in 2007
Q-sort touch Alessio Pruneddu Free, but Closed Source Web Also includes Likert-Scale questions
Q-Assessor Stan Kaufman / Epimetrics Group LLC. Proprietary Web Includes analysis.
POETQ Stephen Jeffares and Helen Dickinson Closed Source – Web Pre Q sort questions, pre sort, click-to-place rather than drag and drop, exports native PQmethod files (.dat etc) & .csv

will host 5-10 studies at a time -priority Q-methodology and doctoral projects

Legacy (deprecated?) online Q-Software includes:

WebQ Peter Schmolck, based on work by Rick Watson Open Source (GNU) Web: JavaScript (Deprecated?)
WebQSort Christopher Correa, based on Peter Schmolck’s WebQ Unknown Web: JavaScript (Deprecated?)
Q-sorter Program Riverside Accuracy Project / David Funder Unknown Windows (Deprecated?)
Q-Sortware (QSW) Alessio Pruneddu and Marcel Zentner Unknown Unknown (In development?)
Q Sorter Stephan Dekker and Carlo Scheungel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Unknown Windows (?) (Deprecated?)

Also consider other Q studies that have been conducted online.

Pen & Paper

Also consider this design by Gaylene Halter of a Q Sort Board made out of business cards, magnetic board and tape.

A magnetic board with business cards.
license unknown, Gaylene Halter

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