The ISSSS’s highest honor is named for William Stephenson, the man who created Q and who spent his life developing and shaping Q Methodology theory and practice to advance the study of human subjectivity.

The William Stephenson Award is presented to that individual who demonstrates a life-long passion and commitment to carry on the work of Dr. Stephenson, both inside and outside of the ISSSS community, and is dedicated to Q Methodology research, including both applications and theoretical perspectives.

This award is presented when the ISSSS Executive Board determines that a recipient is worthy of the award, and the board honors the recipient at an annual ISSSS conference on an as needed basis.  The award includes an appropriate plaque with an image of William Stephenson, and an accompanying monetary award.


I4S members may nominate potential award winners annually, no later than June 1st, prior to the annual conference. Nominations should describe how the candidate fits the criteria for the award. Nominations should be sent to the current President of I4S.

Additional Criteria

Dedication to Q Methodology research (applications and theoretical perspectives) may be demonstrated in a variety of contexts including journal publications, books, book chapters, software creation, and instruction in Q methodology principles and applications. Theoretical perspectives should be based upon the work of William Stephenson although it may also be innovative, seeking clarity of Stephenson’s writings, or delving into methodological questions. The award should not be seen as a default for longtime service to the society (there is an I4S Service Award) or personal connection to anyone serving on the I4S Executive Committee.

Previous Awards

The inaugural William Stephenson Award was presented:

  • In 2010 to Dr. Steven R. Brown, professor of political science, Kent State University;
  • In 2011 to Dr. Hung Kyu Kim, professor of journalism, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea;
  • In 2012 to Dr. Wendy Stainton Rogers, professor of health psychology, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK;
  • In 2014 to Dr. Dan B. Thomas, professor of political science, Wartburg College;
  • In 2022 to Mike Stricklin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Federal Piaui University, Brazil.

In 2023, the William Stephenson Award was presented to Amanda Wolf in recognition of her invaluable contribution and commitment to the ISSSS community and Q Methodology research.

In response to receiving the William Stephenson Award, Amanda graciously shared her thoughts and gratitude during a heartfelt speech. You can watch her acceptance speech below: