You can buy a CD-ROM of the Operant Subjectivity archive for $30.

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ISSSS has produced a CD-ROM that contains all 36 print volumes of the society’s official journal, Operant Subjectivity (1977-2013).  Price of the CD-ROM is US$ 30.00, and purchase of the CD contributes to the fund-raising efforts of the society.

This CD-ROM contains over 40 of the articles authored by William Stephenson, who produced over 100 academic articles.  After his death in 1989, an issue of Operant Subjectivity commemorating his life and work appeared as Vol. 13, No. 2 (1989-1990) of the journal. This issue contains reminiscences from his family, friends and colleagues, including his faculty colleagues from the Missouri School of Journalism, where he was Distinguished Research Professor.

Included on the CD-ROM is a journal specific “search engine” which facilitates exploration into the history, philosophy, and research that constitutes Q Methodology and its practice and tradition. Users will find that they can utilize both basic and advanced searches of words, phrases, and authors, among other items. The index contains a separate digital copy of every issue of Operant Subjectivity, from which users  can examine and download separate pages, individual articles, or complete issues of the journal.