The Donald J. Brenner Outstanding Paper Award is named in honor of ISSSS’s first president. This award will be given annually at the ISSSS conference for an outstanding paper presented at the conference.

Award Purpose:  The I4S Executive Committee (EC) created the Donald J. Brenner Outstanding Paper Award in 2010 for two distinct reasons. First, the EC wanted to encourage more presenters to arrive with a completed paper rather than a series of presentation slides.  Second, with so many excellent papers presented annually at the I4S conference, we wanted to honor the best paper each year.

Submission process: By the conclusion of the conference each year, I4S presenters can submit their paper to the I4S Advisor (Susan Ramlo, electronically.  All papers should be submitted as PDF files no later than one week after the last day of the conference (this year, 11 PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday 9/17/16).  Late papers will not be accepted. Like a journal submission, papers should be blinded with a separate cover sheet with the title and authors name including contact information.  Submissions that are received not blinded will not be considered for the award.

Criteria for papers:  Papers should have a maximum of 12,000 words and be accompanied by a 200-300 word abstract. All copy should be typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font with notes, references, tables, and figures appearing at the end of the manuscript. Both methodological and application types of papers may be submitted.  Papers should contain sufficient references to the Q methodology literature.  Papers applying Q methodology within a research study should detail the various aspects of the research, from concourse development to factor interpretation.

Awards committee: The awards committee is headed by the I4S Advisor, per the ISSSS Bylaws, and consists of volunteer reviewers.     (contact Sue Ramlo to volunteer at

Award Criteria: The awards committee will review the submissions and will select the best paper.  The award will give priority to those papers that focus on unique applications of Q methodology or unique theoretical perspectives related to Q methodology.  Quality of methodology, references, writing, and factor interpretation will be among those elements judged.

The Award: The award will consist of recognition at the next year’s annual I4S conference including a certificate and monetary award.