Pinning Down Democracy: : A Q-Method Study of Lived Democracy

Rune Holmgaard Andersen, Jennie L. Schulze, and Külliki Seppel: “Pinning Down Democracy: A Q-Method Study of Lived Democracy,” Polity 50, no. 1 (January 2018): 4-42. The social sciences disagree on how democracy should be defined and measured. This study approaches the conceptualization of democracy from the demos side. Using Q-methodology, we pin down the way ordinary Estonians… Read More

Saturday Social

At 1:30pm, we will take a short walk to the boarding area and embark on a two-hour steamboat cruise on the fabled Mississippi River. Our tour will feature live jazz music and a buffet lunch of New Orleans cuisine. The cruise should end at approximately 4:30pm. The cruise has a cost of $45 (lunch included).