Beliefs/values about water by Lyn Kathlene, Rachael Kullman, Bridget Julian

Water in 2025: Beliefs and Values as a Means for Cooperation   Issues of water policy in the U.S.A. West are about people and the diverse beliefs and values that they hold. The relationship among these beliefs and values and society’s ability to find policy solutions is strong, but not always evident. To illustrate how beliefs… Read More

Sustainable citizenship by Priya Kurian, Debashish Munshi, Lyn Kathlene & Jeanette Wright

Sustainable Citizenship as a Methodology for Engagement: Navigating Environmental, Economic, and Technological Rationalities The emergence of more and more new technologies ranging from genetic modification to nanotechnology is significantly affecting the environment in many different ways. Yet, policy making has not been able to keep pace with the rapid development of these technologies because of… Read More